3 Top Qualities Wanted by Job Consultants in Singapore for Foreigners

For foreigners, Singapore is one of the most attractive destinations for them to work. For someone like you who have the aspirations to work in Singapore, you could have done your research on finding a job opening in Singapore. During the research phase, we bet that you could have encountered several or maybe a few dozens of job adverts posted by job consultants from Singapore for foreigners or agency in Singapore for foreigners.


Why is it becoming so regular to see job adverts posted by job consultants from Singapore for foreigners or agency in Singapore for foreigners?


There are two reasons:


Local companies want to save their valuable time and money.


Instead of screening and filtering the foreign applicants by themselves, it is much more cost-effective to hire job consultants from Singapore for foreigners or agency in Singapore for foreigners to do all the time-consuming work since most professional job consultants already have a huge network or database to tap on when it comes to sourcing for the best foreign manpower for local companies.


The second reason is exclusivity. Huge and famous multinational companies in Singapore usually do not entertain your application if your resume has not been reviewed or screened by their selected job consultant. Therefore, you should read this article until the end, so you will understand what are the three essential qualities job consultants from Singapore for foreigners or agency in Singapore for foreigners are searching for. This will help you greatly to secure the dream job you’re looking for in Singapore!


But first, you need to understand that you must impress the job consultants!


Why do you need to impress the job consultants in Singapore for foreigners?

The reason is simple. If you know how to win over any professional job consultants in Singapore, then indirectly you have just opened the secret door to plenty of new job openings, most of them not accessible to anyone but yourself. It’s like getting your preferred first-class premier seat in the cinema hall before everyone else but for free. In other words, you will be given the main priority by the job consultant each time he or she receives new job openings from potential employers. Another benefit is that the job consultant will do the best to fight and selling you to the employers first before anyone else. For the applicant, he or she will be getting the benefit of receiving golden tips from the recruiting consultant mainly on writing CV and interview preparations.


To impress a recruitment consultant at the first place, obviously, you need to have the right qualifications and experience. The same qualities also apply to local Singapore job seekers. So, what are the other three important qualities wanted by job consultants from Singapore for foreigners? Here are the full details:


1) Commitment Factor

 This is by far the most important quality we, as recruitment consultants, are searching for from any foreign or local candidates. Many times, we as job consultants from Singapore for foreigners or any agency in Singapore for foreigners have encountered cases whereby job seekers who already received our support and backing, and once they successfully receive the job offer, they reject it altogether. Or worse, some of the applicants don’t show up for the interview session. Doing these things will make job consultants like us pretty bad in front of our clients. Based on past experiences dealing with both foreign and Singaporean applicants, professional job consultants are now wiser and know who to pick the best candidates that show a great desire to wanting the job they applied for at the first place.


Here’s what we are looking for from a highly committed applicant:


– Regular communications and follow-up from you

– Professionalism in both written and verbal communication

– Passion & Effort (calling up to us to ask more about the employer business etc. and determined to write a perfect CV instead of being passive in the write-up)

– A genuine interest in the position which you’ve applied for (Understand the job description and experience required for the position)


 Another valuable advice we can give to you is that we are experienced enough to spot time-wasters. So, you’ve been warned! Once the job consultants from Singapore for foreigners or agency in Singapore for foreigners have blacklisted your name, it will be difficult to work again in the future.


2) Confidence Factor

As an applicant, you need to project a positive image during the interview because we, as recruitment consultants, do not want to waste time on job seekers who do not know how to express themselves and handle the pressure. If you struggle to reply to our questions, we are going to feel worried. From the employer side, they only want candidates with confidence, charm and ability to handle the pressure.


3) Likeability 

This will depend on the candidate’s behaviour and attitude. Most job consultants from Singapore for foreigners don’t like candidates who act like a diva or a prince. However, most of us (the job consultants) can get along with most of the people, but some behaviours can irritate us, for example:



  • Being rude by attending late for an interview
  • Bluntness by being too direct or too much honesty.Sometimes, it’s better to stay moderate and best not to put down your existing employer too much in front of us. 
  • Being arrogant by “overdoing” it during the interview even though we understand you are confident with your statement.
  • You are frustrated or angry by voicing out your disappointment about the inability to secure a permanent job after multiple interviews.

These are just some of the common examples job consultants from Singapore for foreigners or agency in Singapore for foreigners have encountered and there are more shocking examples best not to reveal in this post. Our advice to all candidates is to project the best of your ability as much as you but also take note of your tonality and minimize any bad-mouthing about your present employer because at the end of the day, it is the responsibility of the job consultant to provide an honest feedback (negative or positive) regarding the candidate back to the hiring manager. Any agency in Singapore for foreigners also follows the same protocol.


In conclusion, our role as job consultants in Singapore for foreigners is to weigh up whether the foreign job seeker is the best match to the open position and most importantly becoming an essential asset to the hiring company (or client company). By inviting you for interview sessions, that means we are confident that you will not disappoint us and we are also not going to risk our reputation on someone who isn’t friendly, non-confident and non-passionate about the opportunity presented in front them.


Ultimately, we as job consultants in Singapore for foreigners or any agency in Singapore for foreigners only want to offer the best foreign talents, for our clients.


Are you really keen to work in Singapore? If you have the qualifications and relevant experience, why not engage our job consultants in Singapore for foreigners today? We will be delighted to have you on board with us!

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